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  • Protective Orders

    Protective Orders Attorney Upper Marlboro MD The Firm represents people who have been served with a protective or restraining order. Sometimes when people are breaking up, suddenly someone files a restraining order. Most people think since they didn’t do anything wrong they can just agree to it without consequences. However,... Read more »

  • Criminal Law

    Criminal Defense Lawyer Upper Marlboro MD The Firm represents clients in a variety of contexts including: Criminal Investigations Grand Jury Proceedings Pre-Indictment Negotiations Motions Practice Trials Sentencing Hearings Appeals Post-Conviction Proceedings The Weatherspoon Firm routinely defends clients against a wide array of criminal charges, including: Crimes of Violence – murder,... Read more »

  • Juvenile Law

    Juvenile Law Attorney Upper Marlboro MD Yesterday, I was in juvenile court in Maryland and watched as parents were handcuffed and sent to jail for ten days because their children, as old as fifteen years old, had missed school too many days. I can understand when a 10 year old... Read more »

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